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Are you thinking about whether

break apart?

Talk to our divorce experts.

All those who are there

obstructing my path,

They will pass...

I bird!

- Mario Quintana

Separation is not the end, it is the means of seeking new paths.

You don't need to go through this moment alone. Count on our solutions:

Divorce in Notary:

  • When you have an agreement and the separation does not involve minor children, it is possible to do everything at the registry office;

  • It's quick and easy;

  • No legal process (the process increases the costs of a divorce).

Divorce in court:

  • In some cases, court proceedings are necessary, but that's okay. We know the best paths to a less traumatic divorce for you and your children;

  • Monitoring throughout the process until sentencing;

  • WhatsApp group with several lawyers providing humanized service;

  • Exclusive payment terms for the reality of the economic crisis.

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why our office

We have an affordable service, with a high level of satisfaction from our customers (100% 5 star rating on Google). Result of our most precious values: Constant communication about your case. Humanized, unique and personalized service. Search for quick and safe solutions for families.

Our differences

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WhatsApp Communication Group

Get quick and easy access to our team of lawyers and specialists, ready to respond to your queries and urgent needs.

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We have people serving people. The progress is informed and explained by specialist lawyers, without having to talk to robots and automated attendants.

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Quality and


Our lawyers take care of the details. Each written application is reviewed by several experts, reducing the incidence of human error and increasing the chances of success.

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Easy negotiation with our attendants. The important thing is to serve efficiently, taking the best solution for the client's case, with a proposal that fits their budget.

rescue your peace

reclaim your freedom

Frequently Asked Questions

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“My goods”? How is the ex-couple's assets?

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Children: And me with this?

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Alimony? It depends!

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How much does this “joke” of getting divorced?

Free Ebook

Everything You Need To Know About Divorce

  • Division of Assets / Equity

  • child custody

  • Alimony

  • how much does it cost to divorce

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