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Behind each CNPJ there is a person

Talk to one of our expert business lawyers.

Being a business lawyer is about more than just understanding laws and contracts. The lawyer needs to understand its importance for the business, for the profit of the company he is advising.
Hence the importance of having a collaborative, proactive and creative professional with RibeiroVeil Advogados Legal Advisory.

Problemas com voo? Nossa equipe de advogados pode buscar seus direitos.

Você pode ter o direito a indenização pelo prazo de 5 anos em voos nacionais e de 2 anos em voos internacionais. Saiba dos seus direitos e da possível indenização clicando no link abaixo.


Lawyers specializing in Business Law

Advice and Strategies

  • Follow-up at internal and external meetings

  • Diagnostic analysis to outline key points for improvement

  • Dynamic advice through communication groups and information sharing

  • Interdisciplinary Teamwork

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Data Protection

  • Compliance of the entire company or certain products to data protection legislation

  • National and international adaptations

  • Qualified team with practical experience ( Google , Facebook and other multinational companies)

  • Contracts and opinions, according to the Client's interests

in and out of justice

  • Lawsuits and defenses in court

  • Preventive and legal compliance actions ( Compliance ) in the most diverse areas (labor, tax, civil, consumer, etc. )

  • Activities outside of justice in harmony with the prevention of legal proceedings

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Cool Design

  • Tailor-made activities for your business

  • The lawyer's activity must be tailored to each client, according to their values ​​and organizational culture

  • Individualized and humanized look for our customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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WhatsApp Communication Group

Get quick and easy access to our team of lawyers and specialists, ready to respond to your queries and urgent needs.

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We have people serving people. The progress is informed and explained by specialist lawyers, without having to talk to robots and automated attendants.

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Quality and


Our lawyers take care of the details. Each written application is reviewed by several experts, reducing the incidence of human error and increasing the chances of success.

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Easy negotiation with our attendants. The important thing is to serve efficiently, taking the best solution for the client's case, with a proposal that fits their budget.

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