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Entendemos que a LGPD estabelece uma mudança de cultura no sistema de proteção de dados brasileiro. A LGPD é uma lei que traz regras detalhadas para o tratamento de dados

LGPD Specialists

General Data Protection Law


Theory and practice

To implement the LGPD it is necessary to know its fundamental theoretical points. With this in mind, RibeiroVeil Advogados offers training and qualification so that its clients can build an understanding focused on the impacts and the most relevant aspects of the LGPD.


Data Protection and Cybersecurity

RibeiroVeil Advogados advises and advises its clients on compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), in the development of the main documents necessary for compliance with the LGPD, such as privacy policies, terms of use and compliance programs regarding treatment of personal data and information security.

Multidisciplinary team

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As you can see, the LGPD affects all areas of an organization. With this in mind, RibeiroVeil Advogados has a multidisciplinary team, enabling the best possible quality in the work of preventing and managing security incidents (internal or external), in the design of products or services, in view of the personal data protection standards (privacy by design and privacy by default) and in individual or collective lawsuits dealing with data misuse or security events.

Adaptation to LGPD

A change of culture

The LGPD was created to adapt organizations' practices in relation to the processing of personal data to new standards and the global scenario. Thus, all organizations have a duty to comply with this new law. RibeiroVeil Advogados is ready to assist its clients in all stages of the adaptation process and to be the ideal partner in this moment of cultural change regarding the protection of personal data. For this, we developed a methodology to adapt to the personalized LGPD, thinking about the most diverse areas that an organization can have.

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