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Are you in need of Criminal Defense?

Talk to one of our expert criminal attorneys.

“Prison is not the bars, and freedom is not the street; there are men trapped in the street and free in prison. It's a matter of conscience.” Mahatma Gandhi


When it is necessary to go to a police station or have a criminal defense, it is not an easy time for the family. We know this well, and in this delicate moment you don't need to go through this moment alone (a). Count on our solutions:


Lawyers specializing in Criminal Law


Monitoring at the police station

Flagrant, interrogation, custody hearing

  • Flagrant moments that just happened

  • Custody hearing, when the arrest will be analyzed, whether it will continue or not and whether the rights of the person who was arrested has been observed

  • Testimonials/interrogations

  • The initial moments are very important, the better you can count on our experts.

Juiz e Martelo

Freedom requests

Habeas Corpus, Jail Revocation, Jail Relaxation, Probationary Release, Non-Detention Measure

  • Time when it will be possible to seek freedom

  • It takes a lot of technique to know how to deal with these moments

Defense in the process

Hearings, closing arguments, jury plenary, appeals

  • Full performance from start to appeal phase


serving the sentence

Request for regime progression, parole, embargoes on execution

  • When the person has been convicted, he or she can seek a solution regarding the length of the sentence, progression of the regime, parole, among others.

Atuação em violência doméstica

Our differences


WhatsApp Communication Group

Get quick and easy access to our team of lawyers and specialists, ready to respond to your queries and urgent needs.

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We have people serving people. The progress is informed and explained by specialist lawyers, without having to talk to robots and automated attendants.


Quality and


Our lawyers take care of the details. Each written application is reviewed by several experts, reducing the incidence of human error and increasing the chances of success.




Easy negotiation with our attendants. The important thing is to serve efficiently, taking the best solution for the client's case, with a proposal that fits their budget.

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